Tablet or Video-Recorder as a Gift or Review of Supersave Bank Credit Cards

If you think about creating a credit card, it’s worth looking at what promotions Supersave Bank has prepared for it – the bank distributes a lot of gadgets, gives cheap credit in the card and discounts in many popular stores.

Two of Supersave Bank’s ads caught my eye today and both concerned the credit cards of this bank. One of the banners tempted me with several prizes, one of which could be mine if I ordered a Supersave Bank credit card. The second one tempted with cash in the amount of PLN 10,000 for PLN 20 a month which I could get from the bank if I joined the group of their new clients and set up a Supersave Simplicity card with them.

I thought that if a lot of them are happening to them and some of these promotions can be used well, it would be worth presenting all the new credit cards they offer. And I will start with the promotion I’ve already written about in B24 and which was supposed to end at the end of August, but it is still available only with small changes.


Credit Card + 3 gadgets

Credit Card + 3 gadgets

The mentioned change concerns the list of gadgets which constitute the freebills for the Supersave Bank World Mastercard credit card. In the previous edition, we had a tablet, smartphone or watch, and now one of the three prizes is a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite tablet, a Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone or a Level Box Mini loudspeaker. As I read in the information materials, the prize pool is unlimited so if we can get a credit card as part of the application, we will be able to choose the prize we want.


Supersave Simplicity Credit Card – PLN 10,000 credit for PLN 20 per month

Credit Card

The Supersave offer, which only applies to new customers, encourages you to get PLN 10,000 of the limit cash which we receive as part of the Simplicity card for only PLN 20 a month. However, the maximum repayment period is 12 months and the offer itself is valid until the end of 2015.

The Supersave Simplicity Credit Card has no annual fee for using the card and free card reimbursement notifications. An additional convenience is interest-free credit for 56 days, no fee for additional cards, as in the case of the previous card, rebates in selected stores and a free PayPass contactless sticker.


Supersave Bank BP-Payback Credit Card

Payback Credit Card

These three cards in my opinion deserve the greatest attention, however, since I have decided to devote this article to Supersave Bank cards, it is worth mentioning here briefly about the two other credit cards available in the offer.

The first of these cards is the PremierMiles Credit Card which may be of interest to people who travel around the world frequently. For every 5 zlotys spent without a card, we get 1 Supersave Mile and the next miles we earn can be exchanged for air tickets or accommodation in hotels around the world. We get 2000 welcome miles for a good start.