Real estate loan: how to find the best rates?

A mortgage can be 20 or 40 years old, so at age 20, you can play student card for student loan financing, at age 30 as an employee, and at age 40 as a ‘racketeer. Of all its characters, a mortgage is still playable land without too many conditions, except towards your borrower.

The requirements of the bank

Banks are demanding a stronger guarantee to give you a loan the size of a real estate purchase. That’s why it offers you insurance that guarantees the repayment of your loan, regardless of your state of health or your professional situation that could be the cause of late payment or an inability to conclude the contract. question. Banks solicit a person with a stable income, a person who already has a personal contribution, is equivalent to 10% of the capital requested, which does not present debt dispute for other loans in progress, ready to commit to this real estate business to save. 

And finally, a person who has a current account in a bank. For this real estate business, you have other entities available to grant you a loan or run to a real estate broker who will find a good deal for you, and not far from your area. You can choose a classic home loan, a zero-rate home loan, often for investment in rental investment, or a home loan for private employees with at least 10 beneficiaries, or a home loan for public servants. In any case, choosing an IMMO borrower is crucial to avoid a loss, since you need to know that the repayment will be long-term.

The criteria for choosing a real estate borrower

The key point for choosing the best bank in a commitment to the stone is its interest rate to repay. For this purpose, you will have two types of loans, with a fixed rate and the variable rate depending on the courses offered by the State. This second type of mortgage is a little risky, but it could also be profitable depending on the texture of your loan, with the conditions of the bank.

To have a more pleasant rate, you must also have a potential guarantee of reimbursement. For a company, the chance of getting a lower rate is there, since the guarantor is huge. For even if the case of the inability to repay occurs, the project or the master company may be under the influence of the bank. The purchase might be a good idea that renting for companies, is not it. In any case, to make the cap to a company for a reduced rate mortgage is a good idea.

We can get such a low rate if we increase our personal contributions. Just do not be exposed, since it is already a good point of loyalty, or the cost of SOS to get the sum of 10% of the capital required, required in the contract. Cover your consumer loans, especially to ease your situation.

Banks have conditions, let’s say a little bit, to get the best rates

Banks have conditions, let


They ask a person between 25 to 35 years, so young people, even with a minimum income of 3,500 euros per month, which guarantees the bank more standardization on repayment and a loyal customer.

For this last face, the lender with a student pace is quite substantial with the loan-based education financing application, but grant for a real estate purchase.

The best way to find a better rate is to go through a mortgage simulation, and opt for a rental property to participate in the world of tomorrow, but also to have the opportunity to increase your wealth.