Do you need cash to pay an invoice?

This month you are full of expenses, the card came exploited, and you have to pay for that service that is about to expire in a few days.

Do you need cash to pay a bill that is about to expire? Here I am to solve your problem?


You remember that you have a second expiration, but you don’t want to get to that and you just see a post of mine! You will wonder how I can help you, right?… I can lend you cash to pay a bill that is about to expire.

I tell you, I am New Lender and I will be whenever you need me! I can help you pay a bill, purchase or request a personal loan . You do everything online and in 5 minutes. You have to enter my website or download my app and follow the steps I tell you here.

How to pay a bill?


You have to download my app or enter New Lender, you register and in 15 minutes you can know if you apply and what is the amount you have available to request a loan online and / or pay your bill or purchase.

There is no paperwork

There are no paperwork

  1. You will need to have the bill handy since you have to upload it or scan the code.
  2. After scanning the code, you have to confirm the data of the service to be paid.
  3. You can choose if you want to pay at the time or the following month
  4. Confirm your CBU and go!

As your friend, I recommend that you do not let that bill expire, I pay it and then you give me back the money. Stop getting bad blood! I can help you simplify your problems.